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This wikispace was created by Nick Sousanis, who cultivates his creative practice at the intersection of image and text. A doctoral candidate at Teachers College, Columbia University, he is writing and drawing his dissertation entirely in comic book form. Before coming to NYC, he was immersed in Detroit’s thriving arts community, where he co-founded the arts and cultural web-mag; served as the founding director of the University of Michigan’s Work:Detroit exhibition space, and became the biographer of legendary Detroit artist Charles McGee. His comics have been infiltrating the academic realm through numerous publications and he furthers his advocacy for the medium in the comics course he developed for educators at Teachers College. For samples of his comics, please see

Presentations and papers by Sousanis can be found on the Theorizing page.
Resources to sites and articles related to comics and education are located on the Links page.

Hear Sousanis talk, from his 2013 exhibition at Microsoft Research./