UPDATE: As of February 2015, I moved all of the content of this wiki over to the Education aspect of my personal site here. I've been updating it with more resources and much more about further classes I've been teaching since then. Please have a look at http://spinweaveandcut.com/education-home/. Thanks - Nick

UPDATE November 5, 2013: Pleased to announce I'll be offering the comics course once again coming Spring of 2014, listed under English Ed, A&HE 5151 Popular Texts: Focus on Comics in Teaching and Learning ("Comics as Education.") See the syllabus here: .

Interested in knowing more about comics, putting them to use in your classroom, and trying your hand at making them? Join us to understand, make, and teach comics - taught by Teachers College, Columbia University doctoral candidate and comics maker, Nick Sousanis.

For samples of Sousanis's dissertation written and drawn entirely in comics form see www.spinweaveandcut.com. For questions regarding the course or his dissertation, drop him a line at nsousanis @ gmail.com.

This site will be updated throughout the run of the course, and serve as a growing database comics and education resources. Join in!

comics course poster Spring14J.jpg

Downloadable poster here
The original course offering Understanding, Making, and Teaching Comics was taught in Fall 2011 term and again in Summer A 2012 at TC. Check out the past syllabus here