This page is devoted to providing a growing database of web-resources for those interested in integrating comics into their classrooms.
It was created and is maintained by Nick Sousanis in relation to his comics for educators course at Columbia University. Learn more about his comics dissertation here which is now a book from Harvard University Press, coming March 2015!

Missing Links?
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Comics in the Classroom
Abel and Madden's Drawing Words Writing Pictures site - companion to their books for reading, teaching, and making comics
Jessica Abel's "what is a graphic novel" - in comics form
Matt Madden's History of Comics in Six Panels - clever and insightful
Maria Ahokoivu's comics on teaching comics - from Dw-Wp site
Gene Yang discussion of comics and education - great resource for educators
Gene Yang's Comics in Education - based on his masters thesis, terrific resource for educators
Gene Yang on censorship - comic for banned books week
Gene Yang interview on comics & STEM education - video from SmartyGirl Leadership
Jarod Rosello's comic How to Move - on drawing in the classroom - in the Pank
Randy Duncan and Matthew J. Smith's Power of Comics - companion site to their book of the same name
Katie Monnin's Teaching Graphic Novels - blog connect to her book of the same title
Ryan Goble's MCPOP Ning - comics in the classroom Huge gathering of teachers and creators sharing resources on comics and education
Canadian Website Comics in Education - resources for teaching visual narrative in K-12 classrooms
Exercise on translating comics page into text page - from comicsineducation.com
Graphic Novels & High School English (new url) - Great resource for teachers by Maureen Bakis (former url Graphic Novels and High School English)
James Bucky Carter's Pedagogical paper on Teaching comics - academia.edu
Teach/Read - Graphic Novel classroom notes - great resource for teaching by Anna Smith
Graphic Novels in the Classroom - resource post
Reading with Pictures - a nonprofit effort to promote comics in the classroom
Article on Josh Elder/Reading with pictures - on Edutopia
Tracy Edmunds's Slides/Pdf on integrating comics into common core - on the Reading with Pictures site
A slideshow on comics in the classroom - by Sylvia's English Online
An introduction to Teaching with Comics (PDF) - from University of Lethbridge
Comics in the Classroom - lesson plans, reviews, and more
Cartoon Classroom - UK comics/ed site
Flummery - lesson plans for teachers and cartooning tips
Teaching Comics - resource site for educators, by the National Association of Comics Art Educators
The Elements of Comics - comics writing site by prof Alexander Danner
SANE Journal - Sequential Art Narrative in Education
Pencil Panel Page - blog devotes to the study of comics
European Union Project - Educomics - literacy project and more
On teaching Shaun Tan's the Arrival - Mary Catherine Miller
Using Graphic Novels in Education - teaching 'Nothing Can Possibly Go Wrong' - from CBLDF
Comics and literacy conversation - with Jeff Smith (Bone)
Neill Cameron's 5-part series on Comics & Literacy: Pt1, Pt2, Pt3, Pt4, Pt5 - from his blog (good reads)
Graphic Novel reading lesson - Hollis Margaret Rudiger
Humorous and importance post on how to read comics/combatting comics illiteracy - by Hannah Berry
Comic for kids on how to read comics - Sesame Street!
On using comics to help students with autism - we are teachers blog
Going low tech to teach literacies by Liz Losh - article on student organized comic con - at UC San Diego
Mini-site on comics in the classroom - courtesy U of Michigan's Language Resource Center
On Using comics to teach transmedia - w/Tyler Weaver from connect the Pop
Interview with Tyler Weaver on Comics and Transmedia - by Henry Jenkins
Carol Tilley on educational importance of Comics - guest post on Connect the Pop
Carol Tilley's TEDx talk on why kids need Comics - video
Carol Tilley Comics: a once-missed opportunity - on comics & participatory culture - from Journal of Research in Libraries & Young Adults
EdTech resource article on comics creation in the classroom - lots of links
Piece on Why Kids need comics - lots of resources by Louie Stowell
Article on creating effective teaching guides for graphic novels - by Peter Guiterrez on Diamond Bookshelf
Article on Building better Readers with Graphic Storytelling - Peter Guiterrez on Reading with Pictures
Article on Kevin Cheng using comics to convey big ideas at Companies - Tech Crunch
Video interview with Keegan Lannon on how comics work - PhD Detours in Comics
Article by Leonard Rifas on the history and future of Educating with Comics - in AIGA
Article on How Comics became the hottest thing in libraries - by Heidi MacDonald on Publishers Weekly
Article on using Marvel comics in college classrooms to teach critical media - on the Conversation
Strategies for using comics in the classroom - from NCTE
Comics in the Classroom educator article - in the Comics Observer
A Case for Comics in the Classroom - in the Comics Observer
Toronto Teacher's Approach to Using Comics in his Classroom - brief practical ideas
Article on schools embracing graphic novels as teaching tool - from Sacramento Bee
Article on using comics instead of textbooks w/lots of examples - from Huffington Post
Article on Changing Attitudes to Comics in the Classroom - by Glen Downey on Sequart
Discussion of Kids, Comics, and literacy at C2E2 - from Comic Book Resources
Article on Comics in the Classroom - from Chicago Tribune
Article on Maus entering Australian University for official study - AU World News 2013
Interview w/Rob Weiner & Carrye Kay Syma on their book Graphic Novels in the Classroom - from SciFi Pulse
Sarah McIntyre on getting kids to make comics - Comics adventures for kids of all ages - from the Telegraph UK
A not so positive article about comics in the classroom, comments are important...
2013 article justifying Comics in the Classroom - from Yakima Herald
On ways of using comics in the classroom for vocabulary - from Inspired Minds (UK)
Article on why study comics in the classroom - from UMass Media
Article on Dr Michael Bitz and the Comic Book Project - from Williamsport, PA
Article on Superhero comics created to help in a mathematics classroom - from Elkhart Truth
Article for library education - comic book guy in the classroom - PDF
Articles on comics in English as a Second Language classrooms - from Reading with Pictures
Visual-verbal document on how comics work by kids - by Kendall Cub scouts (pdf)
Article by cartoonist Danica Novgorodoff on inspiration & interdisciplinary potential of comics - Huffington Post
Article by J. Stringer on Dyslexia & Comics - at Panels.net
Story on Teachers using comics in their classroom - from NPR
2014 Article on Teaching Graphic Novels in the Classroom - from School Library Journal

Constraint-based comics
Matt Madden's list of constraints for making comics (Matt's 20 Lines project)
Constraint-based - 4 panel comics - ongoing in Carousel
Abel/Madden's Panel Lottery exercise
The original 5-Card Nancy - comics making game invented by Scott McCloud
Tom Motley's comics-generating games - from his website cartooniologist
24 Hour Comics day - make a comic in 24 hours alongside people around the world - invented by Scott McCloud
Sarah McIntyre - rules for how hourly comics day works - livejournal
The best of hourly comics day 2013 - from the Beat (variation on 24 hour comics day)
Cool remixing exercise from Lynda Barry's comics/creativity course - video
Blog on Pictureless comics - from the Comics Grid
Article on John Miers's Score & Script collaborative project exploring comics mechanics - Andy Oliver, Broken Frontier
John Miers on his Score&Script Project - from his site
François Ayroles Palindrome comic - on WordsWithoutBorders

Lists of Recommended Reading and Review sites

Stergios Botzakis's Graphic Novel Resources - a blog of reviews and more for this U of Tennessee comics professor
Reviews & Study Guides at Good Ok Bad - very useful
Good OK Bad's Recommended graphic novels for kids - great list
Good OK Bad's great comics for kids - excellent list
List of comics for six year olds - by Neill Cameron
A visual list of comics for children - Forbidden Planet Blog
Graphic Novel Reporter - reviews of essential Graphic Novels
The Graphic Novelologist - comics reviews from perspective of a 12 year old
Peter Guiterrez's Recommended Comics for Schools - on Connect the Pop
Paul Gravett's site 1001 comics to read - extension of his book
List of Graphic Novels in the College Classroom - recommendations by profs in the academy
Crave online's list of best comics for 2012 - diverse, educational list
Great List of 10 Graphic Novels for the literary minded - by Kelly Thompson
A roundup of Graphic novels worth reading - from the Chicago Tribune
Recommended Graphics texts for jr high social studies classroom - by Mary Ann Reilly
Recommended Graphic Texts for high schoolers - by Mary Ann Reilly
Diverse list of 60 comics/graphic novels to read - by Buzzfeed
List of "Fabulous" graphic novels series (for kids) - by Booktoss
2013 recommended graphic novels - by Salon
Great comics reads for Kids (2013) - by NY Public Library
Deep list of recommended comics, zines, comic-like texts from 2013 - from Gridlords
2013 Reading list of graphic novels for educators - by Comic Book Legal Defense Fund
2013 Great list with extensive commentary of important graphic novels for the year - from the Washington Post
Stephen Weiner's 101 best graphic novels listing
Jared Gardner's mini-review of four great works of 2013 (excellent) - from Public Books
Librarians love graphic novels - YA comics reading lists - from the Beat
Allen Rubinstein's Comics Juice - mammoth listings for recommended graphic novel reading
Recommended comics dealing with Religion and spirituality - from Comics Juice

Studies and Reports
Jay Hosler and Boomer study of effectiveness of comics in the classroom
Study of how elementary teachers respond to comics in their classrooms - Diane Lapp, etc., authors (PDF at the link)
Article on benefit of reading comics in school - from CBC
Article on comics effectiveness in classroom - Minnesota Star Tribune
Article on resistance to comics in the classroom - EdWeek
Article on Understanding comics by making comics - EdWeek
TED talk by Jeremy Short on Comics as educational tools - YouTube
Summary of study of comics as science literacy - w/links to study itself
Anastasia Betts on Comics as tool for writing - from the comics observer
Studies on How Comics help students retain knowledge - from Publishers Weekly
Article on scientific support for comics and literacy - from Toon Books Blog
Interview with Francoise Mouly on why comics are good for Children - from Big Think
On Raising a Comics Reader - pdf by the Comics Legal Defense Fund on arguments for kids reading comics!
Study on Improvement of information retention in reading graphic works over text only

Comics History
Original use of the Cartoon from Punch Magazine
Archive of Punch Magazine - from UPenn; Punch Archive - U of Heidelberg; & Punch Archive - Project Gutenberg
History of Comics on Comics art and Graffix gallery website
Yellow Kid archives at Ohio State University
Andy Konky Kru Archive of Early Comic Strips - worldwide
Site for Origin of the Sunday Comics - Classic strips
Fascinating interaction of character and panels - Sawdust Sim from 1906-7 - from the Stripper's Guide
The Stripper's Guide - blog about history of the American comic strip
"Wonderfully Vulgar" - Collection of Early British comics
Satirical image commentaries from the French Revolution - from Hyperallergic
History of the first use of term "comic books" in Famous Funnies - from John Adcock
Article revealing Marie Duval, uncredited early cartoonist behind Ally Sloper - in the Guardian
Seduction of the Innocent - website devoted to Wertham's book and what it did to comics
Article Refuting Wertham - from Bleeding Cool
Original article on prof who points out Wertham's lies - in Illinois paper
More on Refuting Wertham - from NYTimes
Interview w/Carol Tilley on Wertham - on comics story world
The Secret history of comic book censorship - with Carol Tilley at NYComic Con
Comics cited by Wertham's Seduction of the Innocent - scans
Film about the Horror of Comic Books from 1955 - youtube
Film of David Hajdu's sharing of short 1955 anti comics film - youtube
Nicholas Yanes on Comic book burnings in the US in 1940s & 1950s - from SciFiPulse
Article on Pretty in Ink - female cartoonists in the history of comics - from Hyperallergic
Blog exploring What is Manga - Nicholas Theisen
Ryan Holmberg on Tezuka Osamu and American Comics - from The Comics Journal
More from Holmberg on Osamu and Disney - The Comics Journal
Gene Yang - on Boxer Rebellion project & power of pop Culture - from his blog
Study guide for Yang's Boxers & Saints - from Good OK Bad review site
Interview with Gene Yang on Boxers & Saints - from the New Yorker
Alan Baumler notes on Boxers & Saints - for English Course
1930 Chinese comics (lianhuanhua - "linked serial pictures) adaptation of All Quiet on the Western Front - Slate
Rudolphe Topffer's Obadiah Oldbuck comics - at the University of Dartmouth's Library
Possibly first African-American owned comic of the Golden Age - from Saladin Ahmed
Not comics - but earliest stop-motion animations - from the Smithsonian blog
World's "oldest" comic - Scotland strip from 1825 - IBDS Conference
Proto-comic - Bayeux tapestry discussion - at comics pusher
On the history of word balloons - Ptak
The Egerton Genesis Picture Book - a Medieval "Comic Strip" - from the British Manuscript Library
Tales of Brave Ulysses - medieval illuminated manuscript - from the British Manuscript Library
The first woman "graphic novelist" - woodcut novels from 1920s - in HuffPo
Comics "jam" from Chicago paper in 1914 - surreal mashup
Review of Little Big Horn - Native American Picture - New York Book Review
Article on Comics-based biographies of cartoonists - from PrintMag
Early Graphic Novels project - 1970s Graphic Novel blog - project by Paul Williams

Comics and literacy outreach
The Center for Educational Pathways - the Comic Book Project Michael Bitz's project initially out of Teachers College to help teachers make comics with their students
Marek Bennett's Comics Workshop - literacy comics workshops
Marek Bennett - Comic on Multiple Intelligences - printable
World Comics Finland - Grassroots comics, literacy effort
Video of power of Grassroots comics - from India
Video on Impact of World comics inspiring journalism & justice efforts - in India & Pakistan
The Water Cookbook - graphic novel on sustainability - from Sarai
Graphic Narratives - site for Comics by Indian Creators -
Article on London Egyptian museum using comics to get kids engaged by Matt Finch
Comics Script and Assessment classroom exercise - by James Bucky Carter
Research study on comics/visual literacy - for use as guided writing.
Article on book on using comics to communicate ideas - in UX (user experience) magazine
On the lingua comica project - out of Singapore
Comics in the United Nations database - broad

Comics and the academy
List of academic comics journals - on comics research
Storify from Comics Studies Conferences ICAF 2014 & Comics Forum (UK) by A. David Lewis
Educational Resource List - by Online Colleges quite Good
Karen Green's Comic Adventures in Academia Columbia's comic book librarian extraordinaire talks comics and academia every month
Interview with Comics Librarian Karen Green on comics/visual culture - on the Clyde Fitch Report
Interview with comics Librarian Karen Green - at Mixed Media
Paul Thomas' Adventures with text - blog for comics in the classroom
Comics Studies at University of Florida - includes Comix Scholars Listserv and many more resources
Listing of various comics listservs - on the Comics Studies site
Comics Forum - UK site discussing the educational value of comics
The Comics Grid - journal of comics scholarship
The Comics Grid links page - journal of comics scholarship
The Comics Grid - Year One - collection of comics scholarship
Dr Mel Gibson's resource page - (not that Mel) good academic/comics resources
Prof Robert Loss's Literature in the Gutter blog - for Columbus College of Art/Design comics course
Image and Narrative - scholarly journal on comics out of Belgium
ImageText - scholarly comics journal
The Canadian Society for the Study of Comics - formed in 2010
Calendar of comics events and cfps - provided by Comix Scholars
Upcoming comics events and cfps - University of Southern Denmark's list (international)
University of Florida's Comics Studies Program - within UF's English Program
Broadview Entertainment Arts University Bachelors of Fine Arts in Comics and Sequential Art - in Utah
Comics Research Bibliography - list of resources, dissertations organized by Gene Kannenberg, Jr.
The Bonn Online Bibliography for Comics Research - international bibliographic database for scholarly literature about comics, graphic novels, manga & related
A Comics research bibliography - by Mike Rhode
Website of the Comic book professor - Mark D. White
Comics Forum's Scholars directory - listing of comics scholars worldwide
California College for the Arts announces MFA in comics - in SF
International Bande Dessinée Society - site for conversation on French comics
Graphixia - a collaborative, scholarly comics blog
Reflections on the 100th issue of Graphixia
Essay Towards a philosophy of teaching comics - on Graphixia
Interview with Jessica Abel on the artist in the comics classroom - Matt Finch's Books and Adventures site
Interview with Yen Yen Woo on DimSumWarriors, comics & Literacy - Matt Finch's Books and Adventures site
Interview w/Nick Sousanis on comics and the classroom - Matt Finch's Books and Adventures site
Pt1 of interview w/Steve Saville on publishing Comics in the classroom - Matt Finch's Books and Adventures site
Pt2 of Interview w/Steve Saville on comics/creativity in the classroom - Matt Finch's Books and Adventures site
Interview with Walter Biggins on Comics Studies by Jeet Heer at the Comics Journal
Abstract for presentation Back to the Drawing Board: exploring visual rhetoric through comic art - by Susan Kirtley, Portland State U
Web-chat on Graphile-Complexity and Graphic Novels in education - w/Stergios Botzakis, David Low, and more
Article on academics taking comics seriously - from the BBC

Illustrated Comics Syllabus for Laurence Musgrove's comics course - on the illustrated professor
Syllabus from Jonathan Bass's Composing Graphic Narratives Course at Rutgers
Syllabus from Aaron Kashtan's Comics & Contemporary Media Course - at Georgia Tech (Aaron's GWU talk on the Graphic Novel)
Syllabus from Henry Jenkin's Comics & Graphic Storytelling Course - at USC
Course outline for William Kuskin's Coursera comics class - online course
Suggested course outline for teaching comics in Medieval Classrooms - by Forrest Helvie
Notes and sketches (!) for a visual thinking course - by Laurence Musgrove + exam in comics form that students made
Derek Mainhart's Teaching comics to teens - on Drawing Words & Writing Pictures site
Exercise of drawing as a response to reading - from Laurence Musgrove's course
Frank Santoro's comics making correspondence course - some details
Syllabus for Janice Fernheimer's Eng401: Graphic Representations of Israeli-Palestinian conflict(s) - U of Kentucky
Syllabus for Christoper Pizzino's Comics & Graphic Narratives Course - U of Georgia
Syllabus for Chris Gavaler's course School for Superheroes - from Hooded Utilitarian
Syllabus for Dale Jacobs's Comics Theory Course - at University of Windsor
Charles Hatfield's comics courses and syllabi - California State University Northridge
Assignment - tracing paper & annotating comics - from Mark Sample's ENGL 300 Graphic Novel Course
Assignment - digitally annotating comics - from Amanda Starling Gould's course (based on Sample's)

Educational Comics Makers
Jorge Cham's Piled High and Deeper - PhD comics
Jay Hosler's Active Synapse Comics - Science comics
Jay Hosler's Student-Made comics on animal behavior - from his comics-biology course
Interview with Newcastle Science Comic Team - on Teaching physics through comics - from the Beat
Ryan Claytor's Elephant Eater Comics - comics teacher and maker
Matt Dembicki's blogsite - DC comics maker
Andrew Wales's Panel Discussions Art teacher and doctoral student Wales' musing on education and life through comics
Nick Sousanis's Spin Weave and Cut - philosophical essays in comics form
For teachers: Building trust in classrooms with comics - Guest post on Drawing Words/Writing Pictures
Presentation on communicating research in comics form - by Selina Lock of Coventry U Library
Article on Gareth Morris conducting research in comics form - in LSE (London School of Economics and Political Science)
Site for Damian Duffy's academic comics work
John Miers' comics site - UK comics maker/researcher
Rubaiat Habib's partial comics dissertation - Singapore
Comic on what teachers make - by Taylor Mali/Zen Pencils
Yo Miss - A serialized graphic novel about life in the trenches of urban education by Lisa Wilde
Comics making workshop for kids - Neill Cameron's blog

Comics makers' sites
Dean Haspiel shows his process - from breakdowns to scripts to finishes
Jessica Abel - on using indesign for scripting comics re: Bechdel - from her blog
Raina Telgemeier on how a graphic Novel is born and raised - from Inside a Dog
Matt Fraction on breaking down a Batman Year One page to practice script writing
Scott McCloud's site - he's Scott McCloud, 'nuff said!
Writer Kurt Busiek's site - creator of Astro City, Marvels, and many of other smart comics
Jim Ottaviani's GT Labs - comics about science & history
R. Sikoryak's site - the creator of Masterpiece Comics (mashups of cartoons and lit) and the comics Carousel slideshow
Comics artists offer their 10 Rules for Drawing Comics - ongoing blog
James Sturm comic The Sponsor - on pursuing your work

Kid Lit
Little Lit - imprint by Spiegelman & Mouly
Power Lunch by Dean & Trippe
Jeff Smith's Bone Series - by Scholastic
Comics for Kids reading list - on Stowell's Cosmology

Tools for making comics
ComicLifesoftware, easy to drop images and add text, promotes itself as having: "Zero Learning Curve — so easy, you and your dog will be making comics in minutes." Most popular one out there. Most flexible too.
Printable Comics Templates - big start big end panels
Lego Comics builder - looks like fun!
Kerpoof V. simple, painfully cutesy - lots of template drawing tools. Suggests possibility of integrating user photos, images from google maps, etc., to recreate scenes without drawing skills.
ComicSketch Simple, gets you started drawing panels right away.
BitStrips for Schools : Lots of good characters, kidsy, cute decent model.
Comic Creator : Allows users to: choose backgrounds, characters, and props, as well as to compose related dialogue (shown at left). This versatile tool can be used by students from kindergarten through high school, for purposes ranging from learning to write dialogue to an in-depth study of a formerly neglected genre. The tool is easy to use, made even easier with the Comic Strip Planning Sheet" My assessment - sucktastic. But, the ease of use and ability to drop characters, etc., suggests there are better out there.
Make Belief Comics : Pretty cool, easy to use, user friendly - good characters to choose from - promising. About founder Bill Zimmerman: A journalist and prize–winning newspaper editor, Zimmerman for 13 years created an interactive, syndicated Student Briefing Page for Newsday newspaper to teach young people about current events. It pioneered the use of interactive techniques found in his books to encourage young readers to express their opinions about the world they live in and brought in hundreds of thousands of letters. The page was nominated twice for a Pulitzer Prize. At Newsday, Bill also created a series of comic books to teach history and current events to young readers.
Balloon Talk, samples of dialogue/thought/etc balloons - from Blambot fonts
Resource-filled article on comics making tools for teachers - plus video with 26 tips for using comics
Article with Five Comics generator tools for educators - from Marygrove college in Detroit!
Comics generators and literacy - interview w Bill Zimmerman on Connect the Pop
Comics generation tools - on connect the pop
More comics generation tools: bitstrips - from connect the pop
Article on Bitstrips - from the Guardian
Lesson on using an ipad to make comics with students - from Nathan Stevens

MiniComics Making Guides
Minicomic @ BigTimeAttic
A simple Minicomic guide
Article on making mini comics @ comics reporter
Minicomic making by the Cartoonists League
Minicomic video - on YouTube
Making a simple Mini-Comic - by Abel and Madden
Jessica Abel's mini-comics making guide - extensive!
Comics manifest by Josh Shalek - on 5 page folded minicomic site
Cool Muster List of Mini-Comics and how to get them...
Guide and printout for making accordion style mini-comics - by Grant Thomas
Foldy Comics - guide and examples
Alec Longstreth's minicomic on making/publishing minicomics - talk at the Center for Cartoon Studies
Lydia Wysocki's mini comic guide to making mini comics - the pdf of her comic
Comic on How to Make your Own Biographical Comic Strip - Matt Boyce on DW&WP
Frank Young & David Lasky - talk how to collaborate on a graphic novel - regarding their book the Carter Family

Drawing, Simplified
Cynicalman - longrunning mini comic by Hamtramck legend Matt Feazell
XKCD - webcomic of math, romance, humor...
Neat visual thinking exercises/curriculum - based on Christopher Niemann's work

Comics Culture Sites
The Comics Journal - long running comics commentary magazine
Interviews Sequential Highway - new pub, looks good
Comics Reporter - like the name says...
Site Graphic Policy - Comics and Politics
Irving and Kushner's Graphic NYC - comics creators in NYC
The Drawn Word - Interviews, articles, and comics
The Hooded Utilitarian - comics cultural criticism site
Academic writing on comics the Comics Grid - peer-reviewed
The Beat - blog of comics culture
Bleeding Cool - news, rumors on comics (superhero genre oriented)
Newsarama - comics news, previews, and interviews (superhero genre oriented)
Comicbookresources - news, reviews, and previews site (superhero genre oriented)
Comics @ IGN.com - pop news and reviews (superhero genre oriented)
Andy Earl's Comic Archives - early history of comics site
John Adcock's Yesterday's Papers - profiling comics past
Info on political cartoonist Thomas Nast - from Adcock's blog
Info on Randall Caldecott - from Adcock's blog
1863's Mokeanna - from Adcock's blog
Comic Book Radio show - audio archives and more
Neil Cohn's Emaki Productions - comics scholar's philosophical explorations on visual language - Now at Visual Language Lab -
Comics worth reading - comics commentary blogsite
The Comics Reporter - comics site by Tom Spurgeon
The Cartoonists League of Absurd Washingtonians - CLAW!
No Flying No Tights - graphic novel review site
Comic Attack - reviews and comics journalism
Good Comics for Kids best of 2011 - on School Library Journal
Article on comics heroes initiative - from the NYTimes
Ink/Tart - journal devoted to women working in graphic art
Graphic section of Words without Borders - international online journal of writing, poetry, comics
The Risha Project - consortium of comics sites intended to connect north African, Middle Eastern, & European comics artists

Institutions and Conventions
MoCCA Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art - NYC
Toonseum - Pittsburgh's comic museum
The Center for Cartoon Studies - Vermont comics school
The Sequential Artists Workshop - Florida school for developing new cartoonists
Brooklyn Comics and Graphic Festival - intimate and educational
The British Cartoon Museum - in London
NYC Comic Book Marketplace - convention
Comics and NYC Symposium at Columbia U (March 2012)
MoCCA-Fest - small press/comics expo in NYC, sponsored by MoCCA (Annual)
Space Convention - in Columbus, Ohio (Annual)
NYC's FlameCon - LGBTQ comics con

Online Archives
The Lambiek Comiclopedia - illustrated compendium of cartoonists around the world
Golden Age Comics Archives
Comic Books Plus - Public Domain Comics Database - Golden age and more
The Digital Comics Museum - downloads of Golden Age comics
the Complete Will Eisner P.S. Archives - at Virginia Commonwealth U
The Complete Winsor McCay Little Nemo! - scans from the Comic Strip Library
Winsor McCay's Rare Bit Fiend - scans from the Comic Strip Library
Winsor McCay's Gertie the Dinosaur - first keyframe animation - bleeding cool
The Comic Strip Library - online database of public domain strips
Chinese comics archives from the 1920s - Lianhuanhua (linked serial pictures) - from the University of Hawaii
Archive of Educational Comics - University of Nebraska Lincoln

Comics Library Collections
Michigan State University archives - impressively extensive, run by archivist Randy Scott
List of comics research libraries - provided by Michigan State University
Bowling Green State University's Comics Library archive - housed in popular culture
Cartoon Library and Museum at Ohio State University
Columbia University's Butler Library Comics/Graphics Novel collection - curated by the supercool Karen Green
Article on the Columbia U collection - from the Wall St. Journal
Hal Foster at Syracuse University - Library Collection
First US "comic book" Ferdinand Flipper - at Dartmouth Library
List of Comics research library collections - at comicsresearch.org by Gene Kannenberg Jr.
Underground comix collection - at Iowa State
University of Nebraska's collection of educational and government comics here and here - available online
U of Florida's comics collection - archive

Comics definitions articles
Stergios Botzakis's explanation what is a graphic novel - from Graphic Novel Resources
Scott McCloud's TED Talk - from 2005
Audio podcast with Scott McCloud from UCSB 2013
Audio interview with Scott McCloud, comprehensive - Glassworks Magazine
Inventing comics - a look at McCloud's definition of comics by Dylan Horrocks
Derik Badman's essay Panel & Pictures, defining comics as a "family" - from his blog
An academic article examining comics definitions by Aaron Meskin
Blog post exploring comics definitions by Patrick Holt
Post examining whether comics should be defined - on pencil/panel/page
Essay exploring definitions of Sequential Narrative Art - by Salgood Sam
Noah Berlatsky - considering comics as a genre rather than medium - lots of conversation in the comments
Grawlix - symbols in comics
On Grawlixes and more - from FastCo Design
On the origin of the grawlix - from Slate
Comic - Onomatopoeia gone mad by Kurtzmann and Wood - from Bleeding Cool
Pascal Lefevre's - more than 100 comics related words - in 8 languages! (awesome list)
Andrei Molotui's list of terms for comics studies - on the comics forum
Andrei Molutui's list of terms for comics studies illustrated! - super cool!

Comics and Multimodality
Liz Losh & Jonathan Alexander on Making Things Graphic as a form of interpretation - re: their book Understanding Rhetoric: A graphic guide to writing
Aaron Humphrey's abstract for talk on What Can we learn from Educational comics? - at Comics & the Multimodal World conference
Aaron Kashtan's text for his talk on multimodality - from Comics & the Multimodal World conference
Aaron Kashtan - teaching multimodal literacy with comics - DragonCon talk
Review of Dale Jacobs' Graphic Encounters: Comics & the sponsorship of multimodal literacy - by Aaron Humphrey on the comics Grid
Comics and multimodality - scholarly articles
Comics and Literacies - sequential art and literacy intersections
Damian Duffy on Comics and Multimodality - good information
Taylor Quimby on multimodality in comics - focus on speech balloons in Sandman
Damian Duffy on designing a multimodal learning environment - comics as foundation
Wiki page on Comics Studies - some good references to Multimodality
Julian Darius on Tensions between Text & Image in Comics - from Sequart

Henry Jenkins & Scott McCloud discuss the future of comics - with video
Neil Cohn on the architecture of visual narrative comprehension - from Frontiers in Psychology
Interview with Neil Cohn - on his study of the grammar of comics - from the Guardian
Article by Neil Cohn - on breaking comics grammar to learn it - from Visual Linguist
Article on Neil Cohn on the Science of Comics - from fastco.design
Video of Neil Cohn talking visual language - YouTube Fantom Comics
Neil Cohn's discussion of Australian sand narratives - referencing Dr Jennifer Green's book on the same - from his site
Bill Kartalopoulos on the importance of comics in internet age (nice bit on meta-bi-lingualism) - from HuffPo
Article on Multilingualism in American Born Chinese - by Philip Smith on the Comics Journal
How to read Nancy - wonderful analysis exercise by Karasik and Newgarden
2015 Interview (podcast/transcript) with Scott McCloud about The Sculptor - Dan Berry/Make It Then Tell Everybody
Interview with Scott McCloud by Comics historian Hillary Chute
A look at McCloud's Understanding Comics 20 years later - at Ad Astra Comix
A Dazzling Lack of Respectability - comics and academic history article by David Huxley on Comics Forum
Comics Scholarship 2.0 - article by Ernesto Priego on Comics Forum
Supergods and Spirituality ComicCon Interview with Grant Morrison and the Chopras
Hooded Utilitarian's survey of top 100 comics internationally - extensive survey, good place to find out about comics worth checking out
NYTimes article on comic book art as high art in books
Scott Marsden on tension between art and comics/words and pictures - from Graphixia
Gene Yuen Lang on Comics and Christianity - on the Jewish origins of each
Mindscape of Alan Moore - documentary film now online
Analyzing symmetry in Watchmen - Fure and Moulthrop - awesome analysis of Ch V of Watchmen...
Symmetry in William Blake and Alan Moore - by Roger Whitson from Image-Text
Thinking on Alan Moore & the Fourth Dimension - by Mark Bernard & James Bucky Carter from Image-Text
Panel w/Karasik/Mazzucchelli/Auster/Spiegelman discussing City of Glass - at CAB
Coverage of Spiegelman's performance piece "Wordless" - by Brian Cremins
Examination of Ben Katchor's work & vanishing memory - on the Comics Grid
Interview w Robert Berry on Ulysses adaptation - "comics becomes the purest language for recounting memory" (on Broken Frontier)
Eric Berlatsky on 4D Time in Comics - at Hooded Utilitarian
Article on Art & Comics & Splash Pages - at Hooded Utilitarian
Study guide to Nao of Brown - at Good Ok Bad
Study guide to Asterios Polyp - at Good Ok Bad
Business profs using graphic Novels as Textbooks Article in the Oklahoma Daily
Interview with author of the Atlas Black - business education graphic novel
More on comics and economics - article with links to other resources
Will comics save Business Journalism? - article in PSK
Ottomaniac's Post on Moore and a New Tomorrow - blog article on Moore and Veitch's amazing "four floors of fear"
Lynda Barry interview and profile of her writing workshops at the NYTimes
Lynda Barry interview on her creativity courses - 2013
Lynda Barry comic on 20 stages of reading - Washington Post
Lynda Barry's Two Questions on creative process - from the Great Comic Book Heroes
Lynda Barry 2014 Interview on importance of making art - from Art News
Interview with Gabrielle Bell on autobiographical comics & being an introvert - from Huffington Post
Interview with Chris Ware on Building Stories + thoughts on Common Core - from Salon 2014
Interview (excerpt) with Chris Ware - on process and creativity 2013
Panel depicted in comics form w/ Chris Ware, Seth, and Ivan Brunetti - by Gordon McAlpin
Comics Studies articles on Documentary Comics - University of Dundee Course
Interview with Brooke Gladstone on the Influencing Machine (and Part Two)
MLA 2012 comics sessions - includes panel on comics and picture books
Marc Clegg's 1978 thesis on understanding comics - early work on comics and theory
Short essay on Reading Comics - by Dr. Chris Murray
Bank Street mini course on teaching with comics - by Ayers and Alexander-Tanner
U of Dundee Scotland Comics studies - Fun Home & Persepolis - discussed
Classroom notes on - Teaching and Learning from Persepolis - by Jeff Brackett
TED talk on visual narrative and teaching Persepolis - on comicsineducation.com
U of Dundee Scotland comics studies - Eddie Campbell - discussion of autobiography and metafiction
Eddie Campbell - essay on comics "The Literaries" - in The Comics Journal
Comics College article on Phoebe Gloeckner - Robot 6 Blog
Comics College article on Marjane Satrapi - on Robot 6 Blog
Comics College article on David B. - on Robot 6 Blog
Comics College article on Winsor McCay - on Robot 6 Blog
Comics College-Robot 6 - list of all articles
Noah Berlatsky on Postmodernism and Comics - from Hooded Utilitarian
Bart Beatty - interview on comics vs. art - on the comics grid
Interview with Paul Gravett on his book Comics Art - from Comics Bubble
Article on Paul Gravett's UK exhibition Comics Unmasked - from the Guardian
Article on increasing connections between Comics & Fine Art worlds - from ArtNews
Series of articles devoted to the comics works of Neil Gaiman - on Image TexT
Secret Origin of the term Graphic Novel - predating Eisner's usage
Peter Sanderson on 1986 the Year That Changed Comics Part 1 and Part Two - in Sequart
Julian Darius on Why Comics Have failed to Achieve respect since 1986 - in Sequart
The business of the strips - economics/comics historical essay by David Westbrook
Review of book Multicultural Comics by Orion Kidder
Review of Hannah Miodrog's Comics and Language - by Neil Cohn
Pynchon's comic book mythology - in Gravity's Rainbow
Academic project on Creativity and Project Management - using comics
NYT Obituary of Anthony Horton - man who lived beneath NYC and co-author of graphic novel Pitch Black
Interview with Art Spiegelman on the BBC
2014 article on Françoise Mouly & Toon Books educational comics - in NYTimes
2013 Interview with Art Spiegelman & Francoise Mouly - National Post
2014 Interview with Francoise Mouly on Toon Books & education - Muth Magazine by Meg Lemke
2013 interview with Francoise Mouly on Toon Books/comics as literacy gateway - from Design Mom
Review of Art Spiegelman's 2013 Retrospective at Jewish Museum - NYTimes
Review of Spiegelman's Jewish Museum Retrospective "in the shadow of art spiegelman" - from Hyperallergic
Review by Alisa Solomon of Spiegelman's Jewish Museum Retrospective - from The Nation
2013 Interview w/Art Spiegelman by Molly Crabapple - vice.com
Jeet Heer's twitter essay - on Spiegelman, Maus as Detective Fiction - Art Matters blog
Alan Moore's review of Arcade magazine - from RAW
Interview with Derf Backderf on Dahmer - in Young Adult Lit mag
Jack Kirby through Art History on Abstract Comics' site
Andrei Molotiu on Abstract comics and Geometry - on the Abstract Comics blog
Kirby and Collage - from Salon
Wally Wood's 22 Panels that Always Work - via Oeming on Bleeding Cool
The Original Wally Wood's 22 Panels that Always work - flickr
One more collection of Wood's 22 Panels - on Bleeding Cool
Article on Ellipses (spatial temporal jump between panels) in Gilbert Hernandez's Poison River - David Turgeon (references Harry Morgan)
Article on Book Lost Comics of the 1960s - in Mother Jones
Bill Griffith's Zippy on comics attaining "legitimacy" - cartoon
Links from the 2012 U of Chicago comics and philosophy symposium - featuring 17 major comics folks
Interview with Barbara Postema on Silent Comics - from Ryerson University (CA)
Malwina Chabocra - Magic in the Gutter, reflections on comics - w/references to McCloud, Madden, etc
Greg Carpenter series in search of a Comics Canon - parts One, Two, and Three - on Sequart
Michael Dooley article on cartoonists dealing with Censorship - in PrintMag
The censored comics of Mike Diana - from Lambiek Comiclopedia
Bob Mankoff on the link between cartoons and tweets - from the New Yorker
Article on Applied Cartooning Program at CCS - from the BBC

Page and Thematic Analyses
An analysis of Frank Miller's composition for a page from Wolverine
An analysis of a unique Marshall Roger's composition - for a Silver Surfer Page
An analysis of David Mazzuchelli - from Batman Year One
An analysis of an Eddie Campbell page - from From Hell
An analysis of a Frank Quitely page - from Flex Mentallo
Overview analysis of Neal Adams' X-Men art - from Comics Grid
On Irony in the Dark Knight Returns - visual-verbal essay at the Comics Grid
Pieta homage covers and still more - from various artists/publishers
Not analyses - but links to various Comics writers' scripts - good diversity
Alan Moore's "rule" for 35 words per panel - courtesy Brian Cronin Comic Book Resources
Comics reading visual analysis - from YouTube
Video essay - From panel to frame, analysis of Scott Pilgrim - by Drew Morton
Analysis of Adapting Harvey Pekar to film - from Graphixia
Analysis of John Hankiewicz's "the Kimball House" - on The Comics Journal
Analysis of Intertextuality in Watchmen - from Sequart
Analysis of Karasik & Mazzucchelli's adaptation of Auster's City of Glass - on Comics Forum
Analysis of themes in Mazzucchelli's Asterios Polyp - Forrest Helvie in Sequart
Analysis of visual linguistics in Mazzucchelli's City of Glass/Asterios Polyp - by Henry Jenkins
A look at XMen pages over the ages - how panel/text use has changed in last 40 some years, v. cool
Analysis of Huizenga's Balloon Page - exploring literal presence of word balloons in Comics Grid
Analysis of how speech balloons can be used to show simultaneous dialogue - Frank Bramlett in Hooded Utilitarian
Article series from conference discussing Thierry Groensteen's theories of panel composition - on Hooded Utilitarian
Eric Wong on How Comics Visualize Sound - Sequart
Laura Sneddon on Wordless Comics - Comic Book Grrrrl
Artist Igor Kordey - design of page structure - Neil Cohn's blog
Neil Cohn on the interaction between narrative structure & page layout - in Frontiers in Psychology

Comics dealing with war/trauma
Graphic Novel helps Navy corpsmen cope - from the LA Times on "the Docs" - produced by the Navy
Article on the Navy's "The Docs" - for helping Navy Corpsmen cope with Trauma
Online copy of the Navy's "the Docs" - for dealing with the stress and danger of the military
Interactive Comic-Game for training for soldiers in Afghanistan
Comic artist embedded with US military in Afghanistan starting in 2010.
War is Boring : war correspondent blog and cartoons, with tagline, "we go to war so you don't have to."
Comics go to war : A look at several comics written from war situations.
Afghanistan embedded comic journalism
Course on wartime comics - article in comicbookresources.com
Karen Green article on Ritual Suicide/War - on comixology
Health Care Reform explained in Graphic Novel Form - by Jonathan Gruber
Comics as propaganda - and other aspects
Propaganda comic in Granada - produced by CIA in 1983-4
Comics as Propaganda in Cyprus & US - from Bleeding Cool
Article on how the Government used comics as propaganda - from Reason.com
Chilean how to read Donald Duck - imperialist ideology in the Disney Comic
Article on comic helping imprisoned youth return to life - from Bleeding Cool
Prepping for Zombie Apocalypse with comics - by Matt Finch on the CDC's Zombie Preparedness comic
Article on children's comic Azzi in Between on refugee status - from Playing by the Book (children's books blog)
Comic on a refugee's story from Iran - Red Cross website
Website for Comics for Heroes - site to donate comics to soldiers/others
Comic of soldier's recovery after Afghanistan in DC hospital - Daily Beast
Comic recounting veteran's struggle with returning home - by Jess Ruliffson
Sketches and stories of returning soldiers by Richard Johnson - in Washington Post
Kate Polak on teaching Deogratias (detailing the Rwandan genocide) - from Hooded Utilitarian

Comics and Narrative Medicine
Graphic Medicine - resource site for graphic illness narratives
Sketchnotes from the 2014 Graphic Medicine Conference - by Shannon Loomer
Roundup of 2014 Graphic Medicine Conference - Whit Taylor in The Comics Journal
Introducing Graphic Medicine by the Bad Dr. & Comics Nurse - on the NY Academy of Medicine
Talks from the 2014 Graphic Medicine conference - on YouTube
How comics are improving doctor practice - from the BBC
Article on comics and medicine - in the Conversation UK
Strip Aids and its sequel Strip Aids USA - anthology AIDS comics
Death talks about Life - Neil Gaiman & Dave McKean AIDS comic narrated by Death from Sandman
Blue Pills - a Positive Love Story - French comic on living with AIDS (translated)
Comic project with kids on dealing with HIV - Cardiff University, South Africa
Tom Hart's devastating comic on loss of 2 year old daughter - webcomic
Tom Humberstone's comic on dealing with Crohn's disease - amazing 24 hour comic
NYTimes article on addressing Asperger's Syndrome using comics
Article on comics as Graphic Medicine - great overview
Mike Keeper's comic on Crohn's Disease - via graphic medicine
Document on Graphic novels addressing illness narratives - provided by Columbia U's Marsha Hurst & Pat Stanley
Scott McCloud post on future of comics - including role in narrative medicine
Article summing up conference on comics and medicine - in Toronto
Ellen Forney's Marbles - memoir on bipolarism
Article on bipolarism & Forney's Marbles - in Huffington Post
Michael Bise's Life on the List - comic about being on the waiting list for a heart transplant
Article on Narrative Medicine (no comics) - from the Journal of the American Medical Association
Article on using comics to prevent surgery errors - in Medscape Today
Dr. Michael Green's comic on preventing surgery errors - article/comic
Podcast on Diversity in comics: race, gender, sexuality... - on the Comics Alternative
Tumblr Better-drawn - comics by people dealing with long term mental or physical illnesses
Joe Ollman's comic on dealing with his father's death - at The Comics Journal
Online Comic on Depression - Hyperbole and a half
How Comics represent Depression - from pencil-panel-page
Short list of comics dealing with health issues - blog Die Awesome
Paula Knight on responding to 'do you have children?' - infertility comic
Paula Knight's comics on fertility, miscarriage, and childlessness - from her site
Luchie comic on being introverted - lovely
Kriota Willberg examination of EC comic on cancer - insightful
Adam Bessie & Dan Archer on Pink Ribbon Envy - Brain Cancer comic - from the Nib
On using comics to help students with autism - we are teachers blog
Drawing Autism - a visual tour by kids w/autism - on Brainpickings
Pat Grant's comic about his father - powerful piece...
Comic about dealing with Rape & Sexual Abuse - from Nina Burrowes - the cartooning psychologist
Designer working w/Mayo Clinic on patient narratives - from Arcade
Cartoonist Julia Wertz on dealing with Alcohol and Depression - from Narrative.ly
Interview w/ Ian Williams founder of Graphic Medicine - in GP Online
Comic on motherhood and cartooning - by Rina Ayuyang
Call for articles on intersections of comics and mental health - Asylum Magazine (Sept 2014)
Rachel Masilamani's "The Subject" & Spontaneous, Inevitable, Habitual - in Mutha Magazine
Ryan Alexander-Tanner's comics interviews with on miscarriage - on Medium.com
Kate Waldman on Comics & Mental Illness (Marbles, Swallow me Whole...) - in Slate
Site for public service Comics with Problems - archive
The Comics Nurse - when comics and health care converge - Mayo Clinic site

Comics Journalism
Introduction to Comics Journalism, lots of resources - by Adam Bessie
Lukas Plank's Drawn Truth - interactive essay on Comics Journalism - very useful
Interactive comic on Chicago 2012 NATO protest - from cartoon movement
Cartoon Movement - comics journalism site
Interactive Comic on homelessness in Brazil - from Cartoon Movement
Interactive comic Disaster Capitalism - on archcomix.com
Online & Tablet Comics Journal Symbolia - launched in 2012
Article on Symbolia - comics journalism
Article on Comics & Visual Journalism - from Columbia Visuals
Ben Woo on Sacco/Comics Journalism - paper
Joe Sacco - Great War digital annotations - Slate
Douglas Wolk - on Sacco's Great War - Washington Post
Significant Political Cartoons - from Victor Navasky's book on the same (Buzzfeed)
Lessons on political cartooning from cartoonist Jeff Danziger - The Comics Journal
Art Spiegelman interview on importance of Cartoonists/Charlie Hebdo - Democracy Now
Comic by Josh Neufeld on comics journalism - "comics don't have to be funny!"
Josh Neufeld - comics journalism on Hurricane Sandy - from medium.com
Josh Neufeld on what is comics journalism - in the medium.com
Andy Warner's poverty cartoon infographic - from KQED
The Graphic History Project - a project about graphic activism by the Graphic History Collective
Meet the Somalis - illustrated stories of Somalis in 7 cities in Europe - on Open Society Foundations
Clever visual journalism on adulteration of Olive Oil by Nicholas Blechman - in the NYTimes
Visual story on what a guard sees inside a detention center - from the Global Mail
Article on comics journalism - and history of comics as journalism
Book reviews in cartoon form by Ward Sutton
Kristen Radtke's illustrated book review of Hall of Small Mammals - in Oxford American
Adam Bessie - This School is not a pipe - drawn by Josh Neufeld
Lukas Plank's comic & site on comics journalism ethics - comprehensive
Article on Paul Buhle's Radical Jesus/Graphic History of Faith - from Truthout
Essay on working as a comics journalist - by Susie Cagle
Comic on travel as a woman - Natalie Nourigat
Graphic Novels on historical, social, & environmental issues - mentioned in the Independent (UK)
Feeding 9 Billion - Food Crisis comic - from Feeding 9 billion's website
Petter Bagge comic on teaching and adjunct unionization - on Reason.com
Erin Polgreen - on how comics work for powerful journalism - from Harvard's Nieman reports
Comic on the role of climate change in the Syrian conflict - from Medium.com
Article on How Comics Journalism Brings stories to life - in Columbia Journalism Review
Interactive comics journalism site on Michael Brown/Ferguson shooting - by Dan Archer
Josh Neufeld - Crossing the Line, on racial profiling at US Borders - from the Nib/Medium
Keith Aoki's Bound by Law, comic on copyright - at Open Culture

Comics and Architecture/Sculpture
Stuart Immonen's Icosahedral Comic - interesting possibilities
Sousanis' Little Boxes - an essay about categories - boxes - that can be made into a box
Sculpture and comics - conference as part of Comics Forum
Sculpture and comics essays - on comics forum site (this is #2 of a 3 part series)
Architecture and Comics - series on Hooded Utilitarian
Article on what comics tell us about cities & how cities are depicted in comics - from the Guardian UK
Website city strips - famous comic cities with text, action removed - just cities!
Article on Citizens of No Place - on Comics Grid
Architecture book in Comics - Yes is More - an Archicomic
Hannah Means-Shannon on BCGF conversation between Ware, Spiegelman, & R McGuire - on the Comics Beat
Review/Close reading of Richard McGuire's Here - by Tim Peters in Harpers
Chris Ware on Richard McGuire's Here - in the Guardian
Behind the scenes of Richard McGuires Here - 5 Dials
Ilan Manouach's Shapereader Textured comic for blind readers! - very cool
Article on Life: a comic for the blind - fantastic idea, hope it opens new possibilities
Liana Kerr's textual, panel-by-panel description of Watchmen - for blind readers
Mexican comic in braille - from Cool Hunting
Interview with Georgia Webber on her comic Dumb about damaging her vocal cords - in Paper Darts
Fantastic list of experimental comics - from Flavorwire
Experimental interactive interwoven comic by luetkemj
Jimenez Lai - website on architecture and comics - author of Citizens of No Place
Lovely comic about sign language as 3D communication - by Matt Boyce
Interactive web comic Undine - by Melanie Hölscher
The Story Museum, UK transformed into a giant comic - by Neill Cameron
Asher Klassen's walk through comic book installation - senior thesis, cool project!
Experimental hypercomics - from E-Merl
Abstract Mondrian-esque comic - by Frédérique Rusch
Maps in Comics - Comic Cartography - Tumblr
Tom Motley's multidirectional, die-based comic - 46,656 possible stories!

Comics and Poetry
Comics Oubapo - constraints of form - poetry in comics
Drunken Boat - Oubapo comics poetry site - with examples
Matt Madden on haiku comics - from his blog
Matt Madden's list of constraints for making comics
Comics-Poetry Journal - Ink Brick - launched in 2014
Alexander Rothman's Versequential - comics poetry site
Bianca Stone's Poetry Comics - site
Hillary Chute on Comics and Poetry "Secret Labor" - at Poetry Foundation
Interview w/ Julian Peters his Comics versions of T.S. Elliot's poems - from the Boston Globe
Matt Madden interview on 6 Treasures of the spiral - a comics sestina
Nicolas Labarre's comics poetry translation (E. Dickinson) - translated from French
Brazilian Comics Poetry collective - gramatologia
Tom de Freston - Poetry-comic the Charnel House - painted
Laurence & Myra Musgrove - My Song, poem/comic - from the Illustrated Professor
A visual poetry anthology - Fantagraphic Books
Essay on Joe Brainard and Grids - Daniel Worden on nonsite.org

Digital Comics
Mark Waid's Thrillbent - digital comics
Interview with Mark Waid on Thrillbent initiative - in Publishers Weekly
Interview with Mark Waid and more on digital comics - in NYTimes
Yen Yen Woo & Colin Goh's Dimsumwarriors - kung fu and language learning all rolled up into a tasty dim sum...
Interactive comic on Chicago 2012 NATO protest - from cartoon movement
Infinite canvas comic by Boulet (in English) - pretty sweet
Pretty neat Infinite manga on Shueisha
Infinite Canvas comic "to be continued" by Ghetti & Trimarchi
Anders Nilsen - Me & the Universe - at the NYTimes
Anders Nilsen - 2015 On Optimism - in Medium
Bouletcorp digital comic - Our Toyota was fantastic - animated gif comic
Another Boutletcorp animated gif comic - Heavy Light - beautiful
Gif-comic GIF-Novel - in conjunction with Jameson ad
Boulet's 24 hour comic - 2014
Partially animated comic on memory by Lilli Carré in the NYTimes
Paddy Johnston's lecture on Chris Ware's iPad comic - w/images and audio
Joe Sacco - Great War digital annotations - Slate
Interactive game/comic Icarus Needs - Kano games
Leap motion interactive comic Breathing Room - by Erik Loyer
Web comic - The Firelight Isle - by Paul Duffield & Kate Brown
Game for making virtual and real popup books - for iPad
Article by Frank Santoro on how scrolling is changing comics format - The Comics Journal

Comics in History
Comics in Church - images of Russia's St John the Baptist
Selection of Illuminated Manuscript Pages - courtesy Lynda Barry's blog
More illuminated manuscripts - Spanish
Comics-esque - Hildegard of Bingen - illuminated manuscripts

Jack Kirby Museum website
Robert Beerbohm's History of Comics - blog
Mike's Amazing World of Comics - Publishing history of many major publishers
Charles Hatfield's response to the PBS comics/superheroes documentary - blogpost
New Yorker Article on Superheroes and costumes by Michael Chabon, v. cool
the superhero supply co - an 826project - ridiculously cool, and a good cause
Wally Wood's SuperDuperMan - superman parody (obviously)
Alan Moore & Mike Collings's parody of Miller's Daredevil - 1983
Article: why i read superhero comics - by Mark D. White
On teaching and superheroes - by Matt Finch
Documentary film (trailer) Wonder Women - the untold story of American superheroines
Interview with Steve Ditko on Spiderman by Jonathan Ross
Timeline of Superman at 75 - from newsarama
Exhibition of appropriation of Roy Lichenstein - whom appropriated from comics
Ian Gordon on Superman and myth - academic article

Race, Gender in Comics
Responses to the new Muslim Ms. Marvel - NPR
Jill Lepore on Wonder Woman and Feminism - the New Yorker
Tackling gender/culture issue - Qahera Egyptian female superhero - webcomic
On the Rise of Gay Superheroes - by Jeet Heer
Overly-sexualized representations of women in superhero comics (brokeback/tumblr)
Article on when overly-sexualization kills the story - from Comics Alliance
The original women in refrigerators site - by Gail Simone
Depiction of women - particularly Starfire in DC Comics - from short packed!
On the costumes of super heroines - from io9
Improving depiction of female superheroes? - from Comic Book Resources
Comic meta-commenting on PowerGirl's costume - by Doerge and Berg
On women and comics - ladydrawers - site
Article on Pretty in Ink - female cartoonists in the history of comics - from Hyperallergic
23 Female cartoonists on drawing their bodies (nude) in comics - from Buzzfeed
New superheroine focused comic to counter gender stereotypes - from the Guardian
Walt Hickey - analysis of gender skewing in mainstream comics - from 538
Project of Female Superheroes - for people in conflict areas
Recommended Best LGBT Graphic Novels 2013 - from the Advocate
Qiana Whitted asks 'what is an African-American comic' - in the Hooded Utilitarian
Article on cartoonists who paint new picture of social justice - from Color Lines
Dominic Umile on civil rights graphic novel The Silence of Our Friends - in PopMatters
Francesca Lyn's women write about comics - blog column, VCU doc student
2014 Article on female readers of comics - by Noah Berlatsky in the Atlantic
Romance comics - Sequential Crush blog - by Jacque Nodell
Gene Yang's speech on Diversity at the National Book Awards - in the Washington Post

Sketchnoting - visual-verbal notetaking, related to comics
Website for Mike Rohde - and his book on sketchnoting
Sunni Brown's Doodle Manifesto - and more
Sunni Brown sketchnotes - from flickr
On the higher purpose of doodling - from CBS News
On the importance of drawing all day - from Salon
Post on Visual User-Generated visual notetaking - overview
Mike Rohde on Visual Thinking - from a list apart
Giulia Forsythe on Visual Notetaking - lots of references
Learning about visual notetaking - more from Giulia Forsythe
On Graphic facilitation - from Making Ideas Visible
On visual notetaking in the classroom - from Ed Weekly
On an array of visual resources for student work - by Derek Bruff
Slides on visual thinking - resources by Derek Bruff
Article on how visual thinking improves writing - Mindshift classroom
Neil Anderson - blog on using word clouds & Visual thinking to help generate writing/ideas - writing as aesthetic work
Visual Mind Mapping for students - from ConversationEd
Lesson plan on visual narrative meets visual note taking - from comicsineducation.com
Genis Carreras's Philographics - Visualizing philosophy
Adobe says Drawing should be like writing - from Wired
On the importance of doodling for focus & memory - from The Wall Street Journal
Sketchnotes on the shift from text to visuals by Scott Torrance
Nancy Margulies - On Visual Thinking: Symbolic Ways of Representing Ideas - Johns Hopkins School of Education
On Drawing as a curriculum essential - the Guardian
Moose Allain - How to Draw Anything - the Guardian
Interview w Lynda Barry on drawing & Future of education - on Open Culture
Ian Robson's Visualizing Practice - education/drawing blog

Education Animations
Ken Robinson's Changing Education Paradigms whiteboard animation - RSA Animate
Tricia Kelleher's talk on education animated - Stephen Perse Learning Foundation
Christopher Niemann's World Cup Curse interactive animated story - in NYTimes