Krazy Kat Cartoon In addition to the joke, i think this Krazy Kat cartoon is a brilliant commentary on the limits of language and the power of the visual - and well put in comics form!

The following are presentations and papers i've given or will give - Nick

Here's an Image-Text presentation adapting a talk i did at the SequentialSmart conference in May 2012 (PDF).
I'm building on that in my dissertation, and you can see relevant links in this post and specifically in parts One, Two, and Three from my third chapter.

Visualized presentation from the Fall 2011 HASTAC conference at UofM
A poster presentation weaving together my thoughts on comics and my dissertation
This is a recent proposal paper on how comics reunite the visual and verbal and potential uses in the classroom:
A summary of some ideas about comics, classroom use, and creativity, originally presented as a slide lecture at Teachers College

Some Notes from the Fall 2011 comics course i teach for educators. - Nick

Overview of the Assignments we did over the term
Class Three Lecture Notes (Pt 1) on the History of Comics/Visual Language
Class Three Lecture Notes (Pt 2) on How Comics Work - definitions, closure, and transitions:
Class Four Lecture Notes on the use of Time and Space in comics
Class SIX Lecture Notes - including Grids & Gestures assignment:
Additional Readings Selection List: